A constant challenge for companies is inventory management. In 2014, CNN found that about 80 people move to Nashville every day, making it one of the 10 fastest growing cities in the nation. As the city continues to experience rapid growth, companies will look to Nashville logistics companies to handle warehousing, inventory management and trucking services within the city and surrounding region.

The question is: does your company need third party logistics, and if so, what kind of logistics services do you need? Let’s take a look at some of the various logistics services offered and whether they could benefit your company.

Food Grade Warehousing

Food products, especially perishables, require special attention. Delayed labeling and late assembly may be necessary steps in the supply chain to maintain product quality. Companies in Nashville may require food warehousing within the city in order to better manage the flow of inventory and guarantee freshness. These warehouses can be temperature controlled and fit to the specs of the company’s specific supply chain needs.

Public Warehousing

For companies with seasons of high volume sales, public warehousing is an excellent option. Having a local warehouse in Nashville allows local businesses to have inventory on hand to flex according to consumer demand. Public warehousing gives companies agility in a time when large amounts of products are moved. If you are looking for short-term or seasonal warehousing solutions, public warehousing is a good choice for your company’s supply chain needs.

Contract Warehousing

If you are in need of your own warehouse for year round inventory management, contract warehousing is the best option. Many businesses will rely on 3PL warehouses as an integral part of the supply chain, and other businesses will rely on contract warehousing until they can scale their business and build their own supply chain assets. In either case, for local businesses or businesses with a large distribution in the metro area, having a 3PL warehouse in Nashville will create agility in the local market and create a strong point of distribution in the city.

Nashville is one of the fastest growing markets in the nation, and as a result, businesses need to react to growing demand and be prepared to meet that demand with a more agile supply chain. M&W Logistics is prepared to provide your company whatever logistics services you require. Looking for 3PL warehouse in Nashville, TN? Call M&W today (615) 620-1539