Rather than manage their own warehousing and transportation network, many companies are electing instead to outsource these needs to third-party services that specialize in logistical services. After all, warehousing is a complex industry – shouldn’t you let the experts handle it? There are a number of excellent reasons to consider using third-party warehousing services, including:


Some business owners might fear handing over control of their shipment lines to another company, expecting to be left in the dark when it comes to inventory levels and operational status. This can be true in some instances, but there’s no reason to simply accept it – modern third-party logistics providers (“3PLs”) are perfectly capable of delivering updated information to clients in a heartbeat. Pick a provider with an excellent reputation for communication, and you’ll have nothing to fear.

Streamlined operations

Don’t underestimate the enormity of incorporating an entirely new logistics department into your organization. It’s a lot of work, and adds all sorts of administrative complications and bloat, when you really should be concentrating on developing the best service or product possible. That’s where your expertise lies, and at the end of the day, it’s simply a better use of your valuable time.

Lowered costs

Operating an in-house logistics system isn’t just a focus distraction – it can also be quite expensive, especially if this field isn’t a specialty of your existing staff. Adding these operations means hiring a new department, investing extensively in hardware and software, and possibly making some costly mistakes along the way. It’s often more efficient to work with a dedicated services provider, whose existing experience and operations you can take advantage of.

Managing your own warehousing system means that you’ll need to invest each year in research and renovations in order to stay competitive. Why spend the extra money when you don’t have to? Instead, contract to a quality 3PL who float the bill for their own improvements and provide enhanced service at no extra cost to you.

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