Last week the Nashville logistics company staff at M&W had the chance once again to partner with Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee. Several M&W staff members made the trek to Fairview, Tennessee in west Williamson county. The event was held at the local middle school; a perfect location to distribute food. Once we arrived we were astonished at the level of outreach within the community. There were almost a hundred kids and adults all working feverishly to meet the 8am distribution deadline. The Second Harvest truck showed up around 7am, carrying over 19,000 pounds of food. That’s a lot of pallets to be unloaded and separated into a grocery store style pick up line! It was wonderful to see all of the volunteers getting everything ready. (See the pictures below)

An hour later, cars started arriving to pick up the donations. One by one they came, letting us know how many cart fulls they needed. Several of these people picking up food were doing it for neighbors or other family members. It was an awesome sight seeing the happiness and gratefulness in their eyes. Although it was a typical HOT July day in middle Tennessee, we had the shade of the school, and we distributed all of that food in just over 90 minutes.

Grace Works, Kristin Ertel, said “It was a HUGE success and almost ALL the food was given out to families! You will see from the numbers below that we are truly serving a need in our community and many lives are touched! THANK YOU for all your support in making these events happen! We had such a huge turnout of volunteers that we gave out ALL the food in less than an hour and a half!! A HUGE THANK YOU to M&W Logistics, Tractor Supply, Fairview Middle School, 4th Avenue Church of Christ, & Second Harvest Food Bank!! We ROCKED it today and so many people were blessed! THANKS AGAIN!!”

Perhaps these numbers tell it best:

  • Number of Families Served – 145
  • Number of Individuals – 475
  • Number of VOLUNTEERS – 98
  • 15,944 Meals provided

WOW, what great numbers and we at M&W Logistics Group, Inc. are so thankful that we are able to give back to our community. We will be having another event later in October and would love to have you partner with us. If you have any questions let me know and we will get you set up serving at Second Harvest.