If warehousing is the first stage of logistics services, transporting your materials is the second stage. Outsourcing transport operations can have many benefits for a company. There’s a lot that goes into the act of moving materials from one location to another. These considerations can compound as you dig deeper. For instance, maintenance of the trucks can take a lot of time and money. And if you want to send your materials to various places, multiple trucks will be needed. It’s no surprise many companies look into outsourcing transport operations instead of navigating these logistical problems on their own.

But what is OTR trucking? And how can your company benefit from it?

Over The Road

OTR stands for Over The Road trucking. These services can range from long trips that need to be made as quickly as possible to local shuttling. This is a third-party logistics service offered by companies like M&W Logistics. Outsourcing transport operations is popular for many companies that don’t have the infrastructure to efficiently perform these tasks.

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Risk Management

One of the main benefits of outsourcing transport operations is stress reduction. It’s one less thing to worry about. Not only is the important aspect of transporting your goods taken care of, but it’s done without risk. Many OTR companies will insure your load for you. This means that once a company like M&W Logistics loads your freight onto it’s truck, you don’t have to worry about it. This also lowers the overhead costs of maintaining trucks, liability during transportation, and employing drivers.


OTR trucking is more than taking an item from point A to point B. There are rules and regulations to consider. Proper methods of loading and storing materials need to be followed.

Employing a 3PL company to take care of this for you and brings along more than just the trucks. There are many moving parts to the operation. For example, the dispatcher assists the driver by ensuring they not only have cargo, but that they meet their deadlines.

Outsourcing transport operations to an experienced team guarantees there will be no guesswork. You don’t always have time to learn as you go. Making use of OTR trucking means your materials will be in expert hands between the warehouse and your customers.


A streamlined process is essential. Continually working to contact or track various outlets or employees can monopolize your time. You don’t want your attention to be diverted from your customers, your products, or any pressing issues that might arise. Outsourcing transport operations allows you to focus on what’s directly in front of you while your materials are in trusted care.

Not only does OTR trucking allow you to maximize efficiency, the shipping process itself is optimized for efficiency. Companies like M&W Logistics employ the latest technologies to ensure their shipments get to their destination as quickly as possible.

Technological Advantages

Technology is frequently evolving to help OTR truckers drive as safely and efficiently as possible. Outsourcing transport operations to a professional shipping company means the drivers carrying your materials will have the newest technology at their disposal. This is advantageous to the driver, but also to your company.

For instance, M&W Logistics trucks are equipped with satellite tracking. This allows you to track their shipments free of charge on the M&W Logistics website. They also employ advanced software and alternative power units to save fuel and reduce emissions.


Quality products are important. Your business wouldn’t be successful without providing a useful service to your customers. However, the manner in which it’s presented matters a lot, too. OTR truck drivers work long hours on the road. Presenting themselves in a professional and courteous manner upon arrival is important. M&W Logistics employs the safest and most courteous drivers in the industry. In fact, they have received safety awards from The Truckload Carriers Association and The Tennessee Trucking Association.

OTR Trucking Allows You To Focus On Your Business

There are many benefits from outsourcing transportation operations. A major one is the ability to focus on your customers and product. Whether your company needs materials moved across the state or across the country, there’s value in researching 3PL services.

M&W Logistics understands these considerations. We take pride in offering on-time service at competitive prices. Are you thinking of outsourcing transport operations?

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