It’s easy to get confused with so many available third party logistics services. Assessing your company’s needs and finding the best way to solve them can be daunting. Contract warehousing is a great way to address not only storage needs, but many aspects of the logistics processes. Let’s look into what contract warehousing actually is and how it can help your company.

What is Contract Warehousing?

Contract warehousing is one of the services offered by third party logistics companies like M&W Logistics. It is a storage solution for companies that don’t have access to their own warehouses. However, contract warehousing goes beyond simply storing a company’s inventory. It is a full logistics solution in that it includes the storage, shipping, and receiving of a company’s goods.

These services can be tailored to fit a company’s particular needs. The agreement between the client and the third party warehouse will dictate which services will be employed and in which manner they will be performed.

The convenience of having all of these services located within close proximity of each other is an asset to a business. Warehouses are expensive. Contract warehousing is a great way to minimize upfront costs and reduce headaches. Employing third party logistics services takes a lot of problems out of the client’s hands. Logistics can be overwhelming and handing it off to an experienced 3PL Nashville company like M&W Logistics makes a large impact on daily operations.


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How Does it Differ From Public Warehousing?

Public warehousing is another third party logistics service. It’s an opportunity for a company to store their goods without hosting their own warehouse. It’s similar to contract warehousing in this manner. However, contract warehousing takes that idea a step further.

A public warehouse is a great option for companies looking for storage options without a long-term engagement. It’s perfect for seasonal businesses. These facilities are shared spaces. Flexibility is their greatest asset. M&W Logistics offers distribution as well as storage in their public warehouses.

Contract warehousing shares many qualities with public warehousing, but it takes the approach another step forward. Contract warehousing is much more customizable and tailored to the business’ needs and requirements. The third party logistics services offered are also expanded. The facility and workforce provided will work to ensure the most cost-effective and efficient solutions to your business’ needs.

But what are these solutions?

What Does M&W Offer?

M&W Logistics has been offering third party logistics services in Nashville for over 40 years. This affords them the experience and resources to help take your company to the next level. Contract warehousing is a great opportunity for companies to offload their logistics concerns to a reputable company. But what do they get with an M&W contract warehouse?

Full distribution

Storing your products is only half the battle. Keeping them secure and safe doesn’t help your customers until they can get them in their hands. This is where distribution models become important. Whether it’s an in-city route or crossing state lines, M&W is able to offer full distribution capabilities.

Temperature Controlled Facilities

Cold Storage Warehouse is great for weather-dependent products. The inherent requirements for food storage can be accommodated and warehoused without risk of damage. Food grade items aren’t the only products that can benefit from temperature controlled facilities, however. This service is great for anything that needs to be kept from spoiling.

Space for Manufacturing and Distribution

Prefer to perform your own distribution? No problem. M&W facilities are as customizable as they are convenient. This includes space to manufacture your products so they are ready for your customers as soon as they need them.

Built-to-Suit Facilities

Many other specially-tailored factors can be accomodated. M&W contract warehouses are designed to perfectly fit your company’s needs.

Contract warehouses provide the security and reliability your company needs when it comes to third party logistics services. No matter what your warehousing needs are, M&W Logistics has the flexibility and means of accommodating them. These needs can be assessed through discussion with the client as well as our own supply chain analysis.

Public warehousing and contract warehousing fulfill many of the same requirements. But if your company is looking for a longer-term solution to your supply chain needs, contract warehousing is the way to go.

M&W Logistics is a Nashville-based 3PL company that offers both public and contract warehousing. Contact us today to learn how your needs can be addressed.