While 3.5 million truck drivers transport goods across our nation’s highways, not all drivers are professional drivers. A professional truck driver is more than an individual with the knowledge and skills to operate a semi-truck, rather it’s someone who takes pride in his or her role in the community, the workplace and at home. At M&W Logistics, we believe professional truck drivers are:


Truck drivers work alone while on the road, which means they are solely responsible for the vehicle and its cargo as well as for making difficult decisions in the instance of an emergency. It’s important that drivers have a sense of responsibility and take ownership in their role by keeping industry knowledge and skills current.

In addition, truck drivers must manage personal relationships, so they remain healthy whether at home or at work. M&W Logistics understands the value of family time and makes sure every driver is home for the weekend.


Professional truck drivers are safe drivers. They seek to not only transport cargo to its designated location, but to also get it there safely and securely. This means staying alert, maintaining a safe following distance, keeping aware of blind spots, following suggested speeds and getting enough rest.


While it’s true truck drivers spend a lot of time alone, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t possess a certain degree of people skills. It’s important to have the ability to interact with employers, fellow employees and customers. By interacting well on the roads, professional drivers help keep our highways safe. Further, professional drivers treat cargo with care, understanding that the customer’s product is of prime importance.


Professional truck drivers are reliable. They follow through with their commitments and understand the necessities of meeting deadlines. Professional drivers seek solutions to shipping challenges, instead of complaining or waiting for change to occur. They are focused on commitment, communication and delivering results to further the company’s mission.


Ultimately, professional truck drivers are happy drivers. By following the rules of the road and focusing on their own driving performance, professional truck drivers come to work prepared to meet each day’s challenges. They don’t stress about the careless mistakes of other commuters. Instead, they maintain their own commitments and are recognized for their remarkable performance, which leads to more opportunities down the road.

M&W Logistics Hires Professional Truck Drivers!

At Nashville-based M&W Logistics, we only hire professional truck drivers. Our drivers model all of these traits and more on a daily basis to ensure our roads are safe and clients receive the service they have come to expect. If you are interested in becoming an M&W Driver, check out this article on the benefits of driving with M&W Logistics or call a recruiter today at 866-685-6282.