Did you know that truckers move about 72.5% of domestic US freight? Freight consolidation is a process in which several small shipments that are being sent to the same location are consolidated onto a single truck, and then shipped together to their destination. This consolidation process is not only beneficial to the shipper, but also the customer or retailer to whom the products are being delivered.

While items in a consolidated shipment most often come from an individual supplier, some cases call for the cargo to come from multiple locations, keeping costs down and trucks full. If your business is looking to cut down on costs and increase shipment reliability, freight consolidation may be right for you.  

Here’s what you need to know about how freight companies will benefit your consolidation needs:

  1. Cost Advantages 
  2. Increase Safety Measures
  3. Provide Consistency
  4. Improve Customer Relationships
  5. Increase Flexibility

Cost Advantages

When it comes to your shipping and distribution needs, freight consolidation can decrease your cut spendings. Freight companies consolidation processes will save your business money on the shipping end considering the fact that the logistics are now more efficient. In using freight consolidation, your business can avoid the heavy costs that come along with storage sites, inventory management facilities, and having your own fleet of distribution vehicles.

Typically, in consolidation processes, you can opt to combine your freight needs with that of other companies on the same truck. You won’t have to pay for any empty truck space that you don’t use because you aren’t shipping enough product to fill the container. Consolidation techniques allow you to pay for the space your cargo takes up and nothing more. Freight consolidation optimizes how you use space in the truck in partnerships with other companies who ship to the same region, lowering your overall costs. 

Increase Safety Measures

When you opt to work with freight companies in Nashville, TN, you can increase safety measures across the board. With the right systems in place and an experienced shipper, your products will not only be in safer hands, but will be in those hands less often with fewer shipment transfers, meaning it won’t be handled as much as it would in other shipping methods.

Having your freight consolidated means there will be fewer trucks, making the odds smaller that an accident could arise. With an experienced provider, you can also have that peace of mind that your consolidated freight will safely reach its destination every time. 

Is freight consolidation right for your business? Connect with our team to find out. 

Provide Consistency 

Once you’re able to create a consistent shipping schedule, freight consolidation companies can help you to distribute your products in a consistent, timely manner. When you increase the consistency of your product shipments, you will lessen the odds that you have a late shipment, missing shipments, or products sent to the wrong customer. Freight consolidation will streamline your overall shipping process to become more reliable, keeping your customers satisfied. 

Improve Customer Relationships 

With satisfied customers, comes improved customer relationships and client retention rates. Freight consolidation not only offers your business cost effective solutions, but will allow your customers to pay less for shipping costs as well. 

Working with the right logistics freight company can ensure that your orders are managed well and your products get to where they are supposed to be. Some of your products may have special needs that your logistics partner will have to provide for, and with the right freight company, your business will be able to get specialized orders out to your customers just when you need them to. Happy customers equals increased revenue and returning customers. 

Increased Flexibility

Opting to work with a freight company for your shipment consolidation needs will also improve the flexibility of your shipping distributions. Freight consolidation often offers faster transit times, as well as reducing wait times for transporting small loads.

When you maintain your products in a consolidation facility, they will be ready to go whenever they are needed for shipment. This whole process can improve your timeline and inventory flexibility, which your customers and employees will appreciate should their needs change. With other shipping options, changes in orders can create a plethora of issues. Having your freight consolidated will never hinder your ability to get your products to your customers on a short change turnaround.

Consider M&W Logistics For All Your Freight Consolidation Needs

M&W offers a customized supply chain solution tailored to fit the requirements of your business with a dedicated facility and workforce. In our supply chain analysis and discussion with the client, we aim for the most efficient, cost-effective solution offerings. 

Our freight consolidation services allow customers to tailor their own shipments to fit their specific supply chain needs. Whether that requires full distribution of their product, temperature controlled facilities, space for manufacturing and distribution, or a combination of all the above plus space that include final assembly and packaging for retail or CPG shipping.

We have the ability to operate the facility using your technology, our technology or a combination of both. We also offer build-to-suit facilities for our freight consolidation customers. Give our team of experts a call today.