Did you know that climate controlled warehousing solutions can benefit your chilled and dry storage needs? An extremely common need in the cold storage warehouse market— a climate controlled warehouse can ensure your materials are safe and secure. With M&W Logistics’ climate controlled warehousing solutions, you’ll be able to store any materials you need for your business. 

A full-service logistics provider should offer cross docking, pick-pack and contract packaging services that allow clients to customize their own warehousing experience to meet their specific needs. Climate controlled warehousing can provide you with the niche spaces you need to keep your business running smoothly. To learn more about the benefits to climate controlled warehousing solutions, read on. 

Here are the top benefits to climate controlled warehousing:

  1. Varied Storage Methods
  2. Immerse Yourself in Your Business
  3. Distribution Methods
  4. Food Products
  5. Cross-Dock Your Materials

Varied Storage Methods

Depending on how your business operates, different materials will require different types of storage. Refrigeration may be necessary in many cases. Some warehouse options do not offer the flexibility you require for varying climate controlled requirements. 

As an alternative, if you decide to use a climate controlled warehouse, your logistics provider will be able to determine where your product needs to be stored based on your refrigeration needs. For example, leafy greens and raw meats require different warehousing solutions. 

Immerse Yourself in Your Business

The long-term protection of your materials is ensured when you store them in a climate-controlled warehouse. Your climate-controlled warehouse team will know the best times and temperatures to maintain each product based on the type of product, whether it be grains, cheeses, and wines, or cut greens and harvested fruit. 

If you store your products properly, your products will last much longer than they would in a typical warehouse. While your product awaits safe distribution, you’ll have more time to focus on your business! Since you have more time to devote to your product marketing now, you can fully focus on getting it out to consumers before you begin to market it to your audience. 

Is climate controlled warehousing right for your business? 

Distribution Methods

As a result of storing your goods with a quality logistics provider, you will usually be able to choose different distribution methods for your products. Taking proper cross-docking procedures and utilizing climate controlled warehouses will ensure that the shipping process is done efficiently. If your warehouse partner is climate controlled, they can easily arrange for dry and refrigerated vans to handle the delivery of your product so that it arrives fresh and ready to consume.

Food Products

Especially if you work in the restaurant industry, you are likely to have varying needs for storage of your products. In light of this, handling rules can differ greatly among various food grade products. The cooking methods and cross contamination laws of meat products differ from the living plant storage protocols concerning temperature, humidity, and light requirements. 

Food grade inventory can be difficult to store on your own, whether you need to store cold or frozen goods or dry granular goods. A climate-controlled and cold storage warehouse specializes in understanding these needs so you don’t have to worry about them. The temperature, lighting, and humidity levels of the warehouse will be tailored to the demands of your products, so you can be certain that your materials will be safe and secure. 

Cross-Dock Your Materials

Cross-docking materials are likely something you’ve heard about if you’ve used warehousing solutions in the past. Generally, cross-docking refers to the process of moving merchandise from incoming trucks to outgoing trucks without storing them permanently. In many cases, food products that move quickly from one truck to another or from one retail location to another require cross-docking. You can cross-dock your products systematically and safely between your warehouse solutions and your restaurant, store, or any other location that you require.

Trust M&W Logistics Climate Controlled Warehouse Solutions

As a business owner, you know your company and products best— and the same can be said for a climate controlled warehouse team! Your logistics provider knows the climate controlled warehousing regulations like the back of their hand. With great varieties of food grade products comes various handling process requirements. 

When you opt to work with a commercial climate controlled warehousing solution, you’ll be able to rest assured that your products are in great hands. Let the professionals handle and store your products separately and with care to prevent cross-contamination. With the right warehouse provider, your materials will be safe and sound in the hands of your team. 

M&W Logistics offers flexible climate controlled warehousing solutions for multiple companies on a short-term, long-term and seasonal basis. Our multi-client public warehouses provide space based on your company’s business needs. We can expand or contract with any fluctuating space requirements as your business continues to grow.

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