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Domo Arigato Mr Roboto: The Role of Robotics in Warehousing

By February 9, 2015March 9th, 2016No Comments

With today’s technology continuing to reach new heights, machines previously seen only in fictitious sci-fi movies are now a reality. From drones to robots, companies are using these advancements to their advantage. Efficient use of robotics can not only improve productivity but also saves money over time by decreasing labor costs.  Let’s take a look at the role robotics play in the warehousing industry.

First, it’s important to understand the different between and automated warehouse and a manual warehouse. Manual warehouses utilize the use of actual manpower where employees physically pack and move goods around the warehouse. On the other end, automated warehousing includes the use of machinery such as conveyors, industrial robots and automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS). Conveyors move products from one area of the warehouse to another. Utilizing these tools allows for the incorporation of software solutions to better manage the logistics of the warehouse.

Automation is key in today’s manufacturing industry with robots in particularly taking center stage. Robotics helps to streamline day-to-day operations by transferring goods quickly amongst the warehouse in an organized and effective fashion. This enables software to analyze data to keep track of good and materials. On a smaller level, industrial robotic arms can perform an array of automated tasks in the warehouse such as welding, spray guns, grinding devices and grippers.

For those concerned that robotics will replace actual people, fret not. Robots not only do they work efficiently, but they also take on dangerous and repetitive jobs that have a high turnover rate, eliminating the high costs of repeated recruitment and training. Workers can now take advantage of more appealing roles that are safer, thus decreasing at-work injuries.

Moving from a manual warehouse to an automated one is a big step. However the upfront costs can quickly pay for themselves in saved labor costs and increased productivity. If you have any questions regarding manual or automated warehousing, give us a shout. We have the ability to operate any facility using any technology and would be happy to discuss your needs in greater detail.

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