(Nashville, Tennessee) September 4th, 2014 – The M&W Logistics Group, Inc. has been featured in Global Trade Magazine for being one of the top innovative 3PL companies in the United States. Jason Pitt, VP of Warehousing and 3PL is excited for the acknowledgement by Global Trade. “It is an honor anytime a large media publication acknowledges your success as a company.” M&W has become a staple in the Nashville community and continues to grow and hire more Tennesseans. “We have warehouse operations throughout Tennessee that provide numerous solutions within the supply chain. Our success has been achieved by focusing on the customer’s needs and providing a customized supply chain solution.” M&W has been serving Nashville business’ since 1973 and looks forward to future growth; Jason is always looking for the next big opportunity. “We would love to see more 3PL growth in the Memphis and Indianapolis markets.” If your company could use 3PL or warehousing services please reach out to The M&W Logistics Group, Inc.
About M&W Logistics Group (www.mwlginc.com)
M&W, a 3PL company headquartered in Nashville, TN, began in 1973 and remains family-owned and operated with a simple operating philosophy: Listening to their customers and providing the best possible solution to meet their needs in a cost-effective manner, valuing safety and professionalism. M&W takes the time to make sure all employees are equipped to meet the demanding needs of today’s supply chain market. More information on the company can be found on our website at www.mwlginc.com.

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Many business magazines claim to be “required reading.” To that we say, how boring! Global Trade prides itself on being desired reading, a major difference. Global trade is an industry fascinated with itself. It has reason to be: at $18 trillion per year, it’s the world’s largest industry. With so much at stake, Global Trade readers have a keen interest in both our articles and advertisers. Lots of magazines can educate, but when you can also entertain them at that same time – through snappy content, creative headlines and imaginative photography, then you’ve got a magazine that readers want to spend time with in both its digital and print versions.
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