Do you enjoy doing physical work and being part of a team? A career in warehousing may be a great career for you. You don’t need any specific qualifications to become a warehouse employee. All that’s necessary is that you have a good level of fitness and can work quickly and efficiently.

Some of the common jobs you can expect to find in a warehousing position include, but are not limited to:

  • Storing goods
  • Picking and packing orders
  • Loading goods for dispatch
  • Keeping records of stock
  • Cleaning work areas

What is Warehousing?

As of March 2016, more than 844,000 people worked in warehouse positions. Warehousing facilities take responsibility for storing goods and keeping them secure. In addition, these facilities may offer additional logistics services including, but not limited to:

  • Labeling
  • breaking bulk
  • inventory control and management
  • order entry and fulfillment
  • pick and pack, price marking
  • And more!

If you think you might be interested in any of these job functions, a third-party logistics (3PL)  job may be right for you.

The Benefits of Warehousing Jobs

There are many benefits to choosing a career in warehousing, such as:

Good Pay and Benefits. The pay for warehouse jobs is better than most other blue-collar jobs. Warehouse employees typically start out earning between $12 to $13 an hour. In addition, if you make the most out of the position, you could earn substantially more.

Keeps You Healthy. Warehousing involves plenty of physical activity, which means you aren’t as susceptible to illnesses connected to a sedentary lifestyle. In most office jobs, for instance, employees work at computers all day, getting very little exercise. This makes them more prone to things like heart disease and stroke.

Flexible Schedule. If you are looking to pursue night school or need to watch children, warehousing jobs often provide the flexibility to accommodate these situations. Most warehouse jobs allow you to choose a schedule that fits with your other commitments, allowing you time for other pursuits.

How to Start Your Career in Warehousing

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