Most people have no idea how the items they buy and use everyday get to the store. Likewise, they might not realize how the raw materials get to the restaurants we visit, the manufacturers that make our clothes, or any other business that makes use of goods made off-site.

The truth is that there are complicated systems in place to move materials and goods between various locations. And these systems are essentially what makes our economy work. But if something is so essential, why don’t more people know about it?

People don’t know about how their goods are made for the same reason they don’t know the recipe for their dinner at a restaurant — it’s specialized, it’s complicated, and it takes a lot of experience to do it correctly.

Businesses need to have these systems perfected in order to get their materials in a timely manner and increase their profits. But as we said earlier, these systems are complicated.

Distribution management can help your Nashville business to streamline their supply operations. But what is it? And how can it help?

What Is Distribution Management?

The goods and materials used by a company aren’t generally located in a singular place. Raw materials need to be sourced and then manufactured into a product. This product then needs to be moved either to a storage facility or directly to the point of sale. Distribution management oversees this entire process with the goal of streamlining it.

There are a variety of processes that are involved in the various stages of distribution management. This includes warehousing, packaging, inventory, logistics, and more.

The process of distributing goods and materials is essential to the financial stability and ultimate longevity of a business. Your customers can’t buy anything if the materials don’t make it to their final destination. Larger companies have a larger amount of supply points. This makes the ability to effectively manage the entire process even more important.

Distribution management helps a company to deliver raw materials as well as finished products in a timely manner and in a good condition. Many companies simply don’t have the time and knowledge to effectively manage these processes. This leads to outsourcing your distribution management processes to a company like M&W Logistics in Nashville.

But what are the benefits of doing that?


The most immediate benefit you will see from outsourcing distribution management services is that it takes a lot off your plate. Overseeing the movement of goods, tracking shipments, and managing inventory takes a lot of time and attention. Your business should focus on the goods and services you provide to your customer.

And even though the customer might not realize it, they benefit from proper distribution management as well. Easily-available products are the end result of a well-managed system. Your customers can’t buy an item that doesn’t make it to the retail space, after all.


Inventory is an important aspect of your business’ supply chain. You don’t want to find yourself in need of a product only to realize you don’t have any left. This can leave your retail outlets at a severe disadvantage if the item is seasonal or in particularly high demand.

Inventory monitoring is an incredibly useful and necessary aspect of distribution management. You need to know what you have in your warehouses. Orders can be placed to suppliers if you find yourself getting low on a product, but that can only happen if you are aware of your stock numbers at all times.


Tactics such as freight consolidation will streamline the processes of moving goods. Expenses need to be minimized in order to run a successful and long-lasting business. And there are many factors in the supply chain that can be wasteful if they are not frequently analyzed.

Distribution management helps your Nashville business to cut any unnecessary expenses. It also helps to quickly get your goods and products into the hands of your customers. Maintaining efficiency throughout the various stages of your supply chain will help to increase the stability of your business.


The main overarching benefit to distribution management is increased organization throughout the many stages of your products. This includes various factors such as trucking operations, materials handling, warehousing, inventory monitoring, receiving, and more. The information received throughout these stages is integrated into an overall plan.

These considerations can have a huge impact on the profitability of your business. Distribution management helps your Nashville business to organize these various considerations and streamline them so you aren’t wasting resources at any stage.