Climate-controlled storage units keep your possessions protected from the elements. These temperature controlled units typically store products anywhere between 55 and 80 degrees depending on your unique products or materials. While these units can often cost a little bit more than the typical storage unit, your products and materials will stand the test of time with the right temperature settings. 

With that in mind — a climate controlled, cold storage warehouse can ensure your materials are safe and secure. With M&W Logistics’ cold storage warehousing solutions, you’ll be able to store any materials you need for your business, home or more. 

A full-service logistics provider should offer cross docking, pick-pack and contract packaging services that allow clients to customize their own warehousing experience to meet their specific needs. 

Here are the types of products you can store in a climate-controlled warehouse:

  1. Antique Pieces of Furniture 
  2. Electronic Devices 
  3. Antique or Special Clothing Items
  4. Mixed Media Storage
  5. Medical Supplies

Antique Pieces of Furniture

Exposing antique furniture to a not properly suitable environment can severely damage the integrity of its entire structure. Humidity and temperature fluctuations can cause even the best-built pieces of antique furniture to warp. Whether you’re an antique shop or a family looking to store a family heirloom, antique furniture should always be stored in climate-controlled units. 

In addition to carefully storing antique wooden furniture, leather furniture should also be kept in a climate-controlled environment. When stored in traditional storage, leather is particularly sensitive to humidity fluctuations and can shrink, warp, and thin out. Protect your antique furniture in a climate-controlled warehouse. 

 Is cold storage warehousing right for your business? Connect with our team to find out. 

Electronic Devices 

Another product that should be stored in a climate-controlled warehouse is pieces of electronic equipment. A climate-controlled storage unit prevents moisture buildup on video equipment, audio equipment, computers, computer parts, and other types of electronics. 

When you re-power your electronics, even a tiny amount of moisture can short circuit them out. Corrosion can also occur when items are stored for long periods of time. In order to avoid this, your electronic business should store devices properly in a temperature sealed warehouse. 

Antique or Special Clothing Items 

Similarly, to antique furniture, if you own or sell antique or special clothing items, you’ll want to store your clothing in a climate-controlled warehouse. If you want your clothes to look, feel, and fit the same when they come out, then climate-controlled storage units are your best option. This is particularly important for furs and delicate pieces of clothing. In this way, you can keep fabrics and textiles safe from corrosion or damage, as well as keeping their original form. 

Mixed Media Storage 

Along with electronic devices, mixed media can also benefit from climate-controlled warehousing solutions! If you’re storing or selling software, videos, DVDs, CDs, photographs, vinyl records, cassettes, 8 track tapes, or any other type of media, then climate-controlled units can protect your valuable collections against the elements. Ensure your antique and vintage mixed media stands the test of time by choosing to store your materials in the proper temperature environment. 

 Medical Supplies

Another product that would benefit from climate-controlled storage solutions is medical supplies. Pharmaceutical and medical supplies such as medication can degrade when stored outside a normal temperature range. 

This can mean, without proper storage, your devices and prescriptions may be unusable. Check your prescription bottle for storage instructions and you’ll typically see a recommended temperature range. Then find the right climate-controlled warehouse for your unique medical supply needs. 

Trust M&W Logistics Climate Controlled Warehouse Solutions

As a business owner, you know your company and products best— and the same can be said for a climate-controlled warehouse team! Your logistics provider knows the climate-controlled warehousing regulations like the back of their hand. With great varieties of food grade products comes various handling process requirements. 

When you opt to work with a commercial climate-controlled warehousing solution, you’ll be able to rest assured that your products are in great hands. Let the professionals handle and store your products separately and with care to prevent cross-contamination. With the right warehouse provider, your materials will be safe and sound in the hands of your team. 

M&W Logistics offers flexible climate-controlled warehousing solutions for multiple companies on a short-term, long-term, and seasonal basis. Our multi-client public warehouses provide space based on your company’s business needs. We can expand or contract with any fluctuating space requirements as your business continues to grow. 

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